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Economic Democracy

Somewhere out there is the concept that profit is a bad thing, that profit involves ripping people off, which certainly can happen.

I’m proud of being what I call a “Populist Capitalist.” I’ve got a whole riff on

  • Why I detest “Cronyism Capitalism” (it gives the rest of us working capitalists a bad name)
  • Why many boards of directors are a sad mockery of stewardship (effectively most corporations are owned by management and run for their benefit)
  • Why “corporate welfare” is the worst kind (reach into the taxpayer’s pocket and give money to the rich? Robin Hood is spinning in his grave).


A prophet is not without honor…

“A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house.” This bible verse (Matthew 13:57, King James version) reminds us that many truths about human nature are as old as time itself.

In management speak, this verse is recast as “The farther the distance traveled, the greater the expert.”

Both phrases deal with the human tendency to project excessive expertise on those we do not know simply because we have not yet had time to know them as fully human, with a normal human’s range of strength and weakness. Another way to put it is, “If the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, maybe it is because it has more bulls**t on it!”


Today is a New Day…

“Today is a new day and I am a new Nathan, totally free to make new choices.”

This is one of my daily affirmations. It frees my mind and my emotions to move and think in new ways.

In his writings, Jack Welch talks about how he played a mind game with himself in order to view the world and his company from a new perspective, a new mindset. When he flew back into the country from overseas, he pretended that he was a new CEO (the new Jack Welch) coming in to straighten out the mess his predecessor (the old Jack Welch) had left behind.

By releasing his emotional attachment to the decisions he had made in the past (they were made by someone else, the “old” Jack in this mind game), Welch was able to see situations more clearly, make better decisions.

“Today is a new day and YOU are a new you, totally free to make new choices.” (more…)